Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Blood Sweat and Tears - The First Album/Child is Father to the Man

The first blood child

I've had this Blood Sweat and Tears cd for some time as Child is Father to the Man, but last week picked up a vinyl copy of the Embassy [CBS UK] version The First Album - obviously the same brilliant tracks but with a slightly different cover - and wholly different linear notes by..........Noel Edmonds!

I'm listening now and reminded of how much this album shines. Al Kooper exerts a considerable influence whether though self-penned songs or interpretations of other writers, for example Buckley's 'Morning Glory', a beautiful cover. Memorable Kooper tracks are

'I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know'
'My Days Are Numbered'
'I Can't Quit Her'

and there are the occasional psychedelic leanings. Guitar solos are stunning.

The jazz and brass sound is not as prevalent as on their subsequent eponymous album, the one I heard first as a whole, soon after the tasters that appeared on Rock Machine and Fill Your Head With Rock CBS samplers.

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