Monday, 25 April 2011

Johnny Boy Would Love This

John Martyn tribute album - Johnny Boy Would Love This

With the imminent release of John Martyn's posthumous album Heaven and Earth there is also the tribute album scheduled for release on 12th July to look forward to.

As a taster you can download a lovely cover of 'You Can Discover' by Cheryl Wilson. Here is the link for this -

This is a beautiful track and Wilson's voice is excellent [I don't know her as an artist] and, though I'm bound to say this, it is the perfection of the song itself from album Sunday's Child that carries her fine vocals. John is on guitar too, and just after a fluffed start he says 'My fault entirely', whilst at the end of the song he is also heard to comment, in that typical Martynesque understatement, 'Think you might have it there': genuine praise indeed.

There is an affectionate but certainly candid review of John Martyn's album Heaven and Earth by Graeme Thomson in the June issue of Uncut. The following pullquote reflects the honest assessment I guess of this, though fans like me will not care about any negatives, agreed or not, and relish another recorded chapter of this great man's musical gifts: 'Heaven and Earth is flawed, undeniably, but rudely, robustly alive.....'


  1. Ps when is the new one out? Is it very soon?

  2. May 16th I think for new one - I have pre-ordered with Amazon. Do check out the two John Martyn sites in 'My Blog List' too. Cheers.