Friday, 3 June 2011

Sleeveless Vest

Lo and behold, here I am at the alter
of drinking and existential writing and
already I am lost for words having
paused and lost the next fantastic line.
It was something to do with the metaphor
of a sleeveless vest - perhaps composing
in the sartorial comfort-zone where
habit and familiarity are a substitute muse -
yet the idea escaped me like a song forgotten
but with insinuating pangs of
recall ultimately just a sound.
If I could finger-pick the language from
expertise and reading a score, then I'd
continue, but this is just improvisation.


  1. Then keep improvising and the music will flow....!?

  2. Good of you to keep reading and commenting on these Trish, thanks. Wrote one on cows today - oh yes I did - and will post soon....!

  3. I look forward to reading that one! It will keep me amused during the long hours of First Phase and hopefully stop me from throwing the computer out of the window! It's already driving me bonkers...