Friday, 4 April 2014

Foxy Shazam - Gonzo [free download]

E Before F For Gonzo

Cincinnati band Foxy Shazam has just released their latest and it can be downloaded for free here. That is a massive bonus for a record that deserves to be heard for all of its various fuzzed, synthed and jazz-pumped verve and energy. The album is an absolute stormer, Eric Nally’s distinctive, high-pitched voice fuel-injected with plenty of trumpet surges and tight vocal harmonies. It’s the theory of Blood Sweat and Tears filtered through pop and electronica sensibilities to arrive at the here and now, but that horn-link intact. And it might be because I’ve recently been listening to them, but there is also a hint of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in a track like Have the Fun, and it’s all in the fun of the performance, and of course that consistent energy. The nearest to a ballad is the sortof nu-soul of In This Life which slows things down a bit, the trumpet here soothing rather than punching, and Nally’s vocal takes on a fair bit of emotional angst in its delivery. E comes before F in more ways than one: Excellent and Free, and you’d be an effing fool not to. 

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