Monday, 5 May 2014

2nd Avenue Records - Portland, Oregon

Vinyl Fix

Just returned from a trip to the States to visit with my family. First stop was Portland, Oregon, and after the breakfast fix at Mothers for biscuits and gravy - see below - I visited the excellent 2nd Avenue Records shop on the day before Record Store Day to get my vinyl fix. Great price on the small selection in the photo, and it was a shop in which I could have spent much more time.

Inside the store - photo by AF

Vinyl is increasingly hard to find at a good price here and abroad, people obviously discovering its value it would seem. What I mean is the record shops have raised prices, and charity shops don't seem to get loads in as in the past. I can't argue with people trying to get what vinyl can earn, but the pleasure of finding albums I don't have was always augmented by bargain prices.

More inside - what a treasure trove. AF

Down in Ashland and Medford I did visit the one Goodwill shop I always peruse when there, partly as pilgrimage - my Mother worked in one in Ashland and would occasionally grab an LP for me - and on that off-chance of discovering that bargain. It wasn't to be, though I got a copy of Boz Scaggs' My Time which I didn't have.

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