Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Like It

Some quick reviews as I am still examining, had a wonderful wedding to attend, the garden has needed attention: will start with an easy one, as Adams delivers again, this perhaps more upbeat overall compared with his previous. The opening songs are electric and what strikes me immediately is the simplicity of the chord sequencing, but the perfection also of these in equally simple but effective melody and playing. Bits of echo and organ accompaniment, as on first Gimme Something Good. Second Kim has a slick rhythmic chord sequence, leading to the extended rhyming with Kim, the name after which she is being rued in this love-loss, to be with him, Kim. Third Trouble is a little more rock anthemic, but again straightforward in the playing - class shining off any surface: not too bright, but hardly dull. Fourth Am I Safe is the first acoustic song, sweetly strummed [this is a guitar album....], and it's fifth My Wrecking Ball, again acoustic, where Adams' signature sound is also firstly heard, repetitions of lyrics in the chorus consolidating an overall sense of wholeness [I am extemporising as I listen, so not convinced that quite grabs it, but come and knock me down if you will]. Sixth returns to electric guitar swathes for Stay With Me. And a Springsteen-esque ninth I Just Might. A very listenable album all the way through. I like it. Considerably.

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