Saturday, 23 July 2016

Joy - Ride Along!

Retro Joy

San Diego trio Joy's second release is a psychedelic trip back to now in the way these very good exponents of powerrock from long ago can regenerate today.

Third Evil Woman is a timewarped track to exemplify, both in title and freaked guitar work. I like opener I've Been Down with its 2 minutes and 42 seconds of loudness - slide guitar and what sounds like great organswirl blasts. Riffage gets a bluecheerish outing on fourth Going Down Slow, power in the thundering bass and drums; more psychedelia in the guitar wah-wah jam. Further great guitar work is on fifth Certified Blues. The longest track is closer Gypsy Mother's Son at 6 and 30 seconds, and this freaks out wonderfully, guitar and bass dancing together with pace.

The vocal is always in a distance, sometimes with distortion, sometimes bolstered by tight harmony, and that's fine enough, but if there was an aspect I'd like to see different it is here. Needs a gutsy frontsinger. That said, there is plenty of playing to fully engage anyone's heavy necessity.

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