Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Simon Kirke - All Because Of You

Oh Dear....

I’m happy
in every way
so happy
it’s a brand new day
there’s a song in my heart
a spring in my step
look out baby,
you ain’t seen nothing yet

These are the opening lyrics to the opening title track and it doesn’t get any better than this [and I mean that literally rather than understatement], either the continuing twee narrative or the album. I rarely write negative reviews – what is the point – but this is disappointing to say the least. I believe I felt exactly the same about his previous solo outing. This is dreadful. Even a ukulele with reggae version of Kirke’s self-penned and Bad Company legendary song Feel Like Making Love cannot retrieve a thing, but then, surely, such a musical curveball is bound to go awry.

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