Monday, 17 December 2018

Dave Evans - The Words In Between, album review

Then and Now

Enjoying this, first released in 1971 when I didn't know it but would have liked loads at the time. Just out again, and it is perfectly of its era in the singer-songwriter mode, with the bonus of Evens being a fine folk guitarist, and the touchstones are Bert Jansch and Pentangle, Insanity Rag as an example of versatile slide and finger-picking, and Magic Man in the BJ vein vocally, with Now is the Time reminding firmly of Pentangle. I know this seems to take away from Evans, but it would seem he was influenced rather than influencing, though this too can be a making [or not, so to speak] of its moment. Nostalgic then, but fresh in that these are original songs from Evans, and I am always happy to immerse by listening in this kind of past. Sounds of early John Martyn too, with Beverly in particular, but that nascent folk sound.

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