Saturday, 2 August 2014

Elephant Wrecking Ball - Barren Serenade

More Messin' Next Time

An instrumental power trio of Scott Flynn [trombone], Neal Evans [drums] and Dan Africano [bass], it is a use of effects on the trombone that provides the focus on this album with its Don Ellis/Eddie Harris reminders. That said, it's more of a gentle experimentation, the afro-beats consistent on all tracks averaging 5 minutes each and the effects pedal used for subtle variations on pleasant enough melodies. The two most adventurous tracks are the final remixes of Erin's Sword and Chippy the Elephant. I'd like to have heard some wilder messing around, but perhaps that's for the live shows. But it is a sound package, opener Stomp Stomp Stomp going far out quite nicely.

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