Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ty Curtis - Water Under The Bridge

Consolidation Over Complacency

Journeyman, learner and artist - Ty Curtis is all of these from what I can glean reading snippets online and listening to this fine pop-blues album. Having cut his musical teeth in the North West America music/blues circuit he has moved to Texas and, from a piece I have read today, is currently or has been playing as a salaried sideman in a pop band there, performing 5 to 6 times a month. So, learning his craft, but when you listen to this album that craft is already learned judging by the songwriting, singing and solid guitar work. It isn't straight blues by any means and there are pop sensibilities that run throughout. The music ranges from rock blues in opener Key To My Heart, pop rock in Thief of Hearts, blues/soul balladry in Seen My Chance [sounding like Robert Cray], rousing blues in All It Took, and acoustic folk in Loveless Time and beautiful closer Shame On Me.

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