Thursday, 25 December 2014

Magic Brother - I Don't Mind


Magic Brother, from London, currently have a 9 track ep available here, name your price, and if you like 70s psychedelic pop rock [well, they describe their genre as 'Alternative/Rock/Indie/Lo-Fi/Psychedelia/Blues/Folk', so I feel I have narrowed it a little more precisely] this is worth a listen. The dual vocal of Samuel Fullman and Faye Milton works well throughout, with Faye providing classic 70s flute accompaniments [not virtuoso by any means, but setting that 70s scene], and it is also inspired just a tad by some garage rock guitar rhythms, I think. I particularly like the bass work of Joe Fullman, and the psychedelic pop of Just a Rumour provides a good flavour of this. Some cool guitar work from Sam too. This is refreshingly unadorned, honest rock [with whatever genre bits you want to add]. I bet they're solid live.

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