Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ties That Bind

Four ties that have today survived a cull of all the others.

These are special: one is a silk facsimile of a Vanilla Fudge at the Fillmore poster - quite expensive to buy as I recall; one a family gift for a Trekkie; one that prompted the following many years ago,

Mickey's Tie
[for Kev]

I down the last beer
it's Mickeys
think of Tom singing
'Frank's Wild Years'
get some kinda insight
into how a gruff voice so fine
can spin tales like that

especially when the cerulean fish
gets tied around the neck
just hangs about
waiting for a blue smooth jacket
one helluva sartorial splendour
in a drunk's eyes

it's swimming now
in a knot
time to get more liquid
a river sea ocean of

gonna look real cool in the

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