Thursday, 13 October 2016

Benny Golson - Horizon Ahead, album review

Warm Mellowness

At 87 Golson is quite likely punning with the title of the second track Jump Start, and when his jazz engine is up and running, the vintage automobile it propels glides along as it has done for so many years, a standard model with comfort and classic design rather than racing stripes and other flashy add-ons.

Having only recently referred here to Golson as a revisit of an earlier review which is linked therein, it is especially pleasing to come across this new release. It is more of the pleasing same, some delicate solo sax rolls in the track Domingo, but it is within the title track Horizon Ahead as well as Lulu's Back in Town that you'll find the sound of Golson's 'breathy mellowness' in his playing as I have previously described it, the warmth as reassuring as a glowing open fire. Bassist Buster Williams struts around with Lulu with a swagger.

More mobile piano work from Mike LeDonne provides the occasional sparks, but you still won't need a fire guard with this album.

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