Friday, 28 October 2016

David Crosby - Lighthouse, album review

Measured Melodies

These are mostly low-key [delicately so] song stories rather than songs, and by this I mean the musicality is in the singing – with Crosby’s voice as distinctively sweet and resonant as ever, occasional West Coast harmonies rising – and playing which is mainly acoustic and measured throughout.

These are not songs that have a melody to the fore, though beautiful opener Things We Do For Love and eighth What Makes It So? are as conventional in this respect as we would expect to hear. The focus therefore is on the narrative and the mood created by the thoughtful reflection of most.

Then there is closer By the Light of Common Day which is a gorgeous melody that rises and falls, Crosby really quite timeless here and supported by pretty female harmony along sung lines and in the brief beatific choir. 

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