Tuesday, 27 February 2018

'67 Album Cover Art

This will be a long scroll, if interested...

Being able to access this site here [and you can change the year] I was expecting to see much more in the way of psychedelic art work - with the musical significance of this year - but that isn't, surprisingly, the case. Though I'm sure there are more, and depending on your definition, there are around these four:

The preponderance of 'psychedelic' album covers at this time were more in the way of floral features - by far the most common - and in the pop-psyche fonts. Otherwise, it is a lavish use of colours, and/or the bands/an individual dressed in 'hippie' fashion or, as with the Rolling Stones, outlandishly. There is also a 'genre' of cartoonish ones, but I don't particularly like these [though the Beatles get posted because of the font, and the music!]. This is just a snapshot, but it demonstrates the actual focus of this time:

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