Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Joan as Police Woman - Damned Devotion, album review

Just Listen

Joan Wasser’s latest album reminds me of her first Real Life, with opener Wonderful back to the focus on her vocal, delicately sultry in its inherent clarity and strength [so I mean not thrust forward] and accompanied by sweetly supporting harmony, so this reminds me of The Ride off that first release. All she has done in between is excellent, but there have been shifts and dancings with more emphasis on production and a broadening out from just her singing, so I like this ‘return’ to what I like particularly. Second track Warning Bell is another in this full circle, so to speak. Beautiful again. Third Tell Me ups the tempo just a little, pop-taunts in the echoing what what what do you mean line, but those overdubbed harmonies are a joy again. Fourth Steed moves into an R&B with sax tangent, but this is fine too because it is good. Fifth Damned Devotion focuses back on the solo vocal and attendant harmonies. Lovely album. Just listen to Valid Jagger.

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