Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Jimmy LaFave - Peace Town, album review

Rest in that Town

This posthumous album by Jimmy LaFave resonates for two main reasons: the first is in its total beauty, mainly wonderful covers of great songs, made distinctive by his sweet, sweet voice, and of course the interpretation [also such fine supporting musicians]; and secondly in honour of his passing just over a year ago. This two cd collection was recorded not as a farewell, but it collects his last studio work focused specifically on favourites of his to mainly cover [with a particular fondness for Dylan], and serves as a memorable statement of a distinctive artist.

I didn’t realise he had passed and there should have been a louder knell, or I should have been paying attention more.

There are so many fond and knowing reviews/reflections out there and I defer to their already stated affections and accolades. I as ever lean to the beautiful and plaintive tilts he makes at and with well-known songs, but I also commend the upbeat and the blues and the rock’n’roll. He was a class act and this collection is burnished with that talent and sensitivity for empathy and meaningfulness.

A previous review of mine here will support my high regard, and I thoroughly recommend this. 

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