Monday, 20 August 2018

Prince - Anthology 1995-2010, album review


The finest funk to falsetto, and jazz and scorching rock guitar – the fourteen minutes of West has all of this, apart from the vocal, being, as it is, an instrumental, and there is an orchestral touch too.

Spanning sixteen years of rare and fan-based releases – so it says – I’m guessing the aficionados know so much if not all. But collected here and for the more occasional listener – though I did see him once live in London which was outstanding – this is a stunning reminder of his musical depths as writer and performer.

On that falsetto plain, songs like Eye Hate U, The Greatest Romance Ever Sold [so sublimely soulful] and Eye Love U, But I Don’t Trust You Anymore register at the highest register, the latter teetering on the precipice of saccharine and genius.

So if you don’t like that high-wire, get back to the jazz funk and effects sax [Candy Dilfer] and violin [Vanessa Mae] of Xpedition [King Crimson/VDGG meets Glenn Miller meets Prince].

Thirty seven tracks!

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