Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weyes Blood and the Dark Juices - The Outside Room [2011]


The ghost of Nico haunts beautifully opening track Storms That Breed, and the spooky instrumental psychedelia nails this echo to the musical mast. Second track Dream Song is like some eerie polyphony with mildly demonic bells being chimed in the background. These bells keep ringing and merge into a cash-registered rhythmic sound in Candyboy just before those haunting harmonies continue in this third song.

Former Jackie-O Motherfucker bassist and vocalist Weyes Bluhd has been fully solo-blooded on this offering. It's psychedelic and psychotic with more chimes on fourth track Romneydale in addition to background footsteps or colossal raindrops droning in some dark chamber of recorded mystery as support. Then the strummed acoustic guitar and solo voice fools with its folk lament until this too merges into rising, and again beautiful if sombre harmony.

In The Aisle of Agnitio is the scariest song, scratched and chaotic sounds opening this fifth track before spoken voice emerges. The rest is ambient and avant-garde sound, waiting for Poe to write new lyrics. The final His Song plays out to more background instrumental haze and the choric, at times discordant vocals looping in their consistent hypnotic appeal.

Listen to at night with whatever turns you on though you might find that this is all you need.

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