Friday, 15 July 2011

White Denim - D

Rock Genes

Having posted about The Dallas Explosion and its 60s/70s rock lineage, along with Rival Sons, it won't be surprising to also mention White Denim who have a more established and clear genetic link to that musical past, and their album D is another great homage to/reconstruction of melodic and progressive rock that they wear with considerable technical ease.

Read reviews of this album elsewhere and you will see the influence-spotting that I am just about to do. It's only natural and there's no point trying to resist the echos that can be heard, and it's part of the fun but also the other homage when reviewing, as long as it is seen as tribute and not plagiarism; also, as I said with TDE, when there is that eclectic originality sprouting from those early rock seeds.

I hear Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, The Byrds, and also Tyrannosaurus Rex [on River To Consider], but also perhaps some Jesus Jones and The Stone Roses [on Burnished] who occupied their own more recent time-bubble wherein they and those influenced by their retrospective recreated these precursors.

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