Friday, 15 July 2011

The Dallas Explosion - Off To War

Brussels Explosion

This is brilliant. Based in Brussels, this would appear to be a young band who have assimilated all that is good from 60s/70s rock and are resubmitting it today with superb instrumental playing, soaring vocals and clever, clever songwriting. They say of themselves 'We’re a quartet playing dirty classic rock mixed with raging soul, a touch of psychedelia and that special Belgian surrealism', and this is a sound enough biographical taster for me.

I've been listening to the Rival Sons, having been hailed as the new gods of rock - and they're damn good - but this album has taken more of my interest, being more eclectic but also original. It doesn't have that strong rockrough lead vocal, but the variation across catchy tunes with hints from The Monkees to The Doors has a ready appeal. Excellent pounding bass-playing throughout.

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