Saturday, 7 June 2014

Centro-matic - Take Pride in Your Long Odds

Litotes Apology

This latest from Will Johnson-led Centro-matic gives Indie Rock a good name, my shuddering a little at any reference to Indie music as it tends to signal blandness to me. There is more of alt-country in this and their previous to my hearing [though yet again I find myself saying I have followed the band's career with some interest but cannot recall specific tracks in the aural archive] but that's title-hopping. Johnson's gravelly vocal provides some of the necessary rigour to sidestep the bland, and the songwriting is always clever enough to be better than ordinary. The opening instrumental Take Pride In Your Long Odds is a guitarscape of vibrated and electrified static caught inside a melodic calm, probably the most powerful track on the whole album. It sets a scene perhaps not totally fulfilled, but the rest tells meaningful stories. Fifth Anything Torn Out is a fine acoustic song wrapped in a synthesised whirling sound a la Terry Riley, the harmonies insinuating their americana roots.  Closer Through The Fog, Then Down - great title - has an echo of Neil Young, and is another sweet song. Excusing the litotes, not a bad listen at all.

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