Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Radio Moscow - Magical Dirt

Blowing Shit Away

Uploading exam marks on the computer is a tedious task, made worse when you've been hassled by some asshole from an organisation that couldn't create a party in a party factory, and an asshole who has no idea how hard I am working to make right the mess over which his/her organisation is presiding, but it is made all the more palatable by listening to some heavy rock provided by the latest from Iowa band Radio Moscow. You couldn't be as far from Moscow and all that metropolis implies, or anywhere else for that matter, than Iowa - Bill Bryson has that famous anecdote [only partially remembered as I write] about standing on a small box in Des Moines and seeing the whole of Iowa - but these guys deliver sustained hard pounding high quality make-any-chore-enjoyable rock that has helped immeasurably this morning. Hard to compete at a time when Rival Sons has delivered so powerfully, but this is a worthy companion to blowing the shit away.


  1. Love this! 1st track is a sort of heavier White Denim. Keep suggesting heavy stuff, man!

  2. Sounds like a good way to deal with such an arduous task. I may try something similar next time I upload...!