Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Relatively Speaking

With relatively little time left, I bought a new lamp to shine a light
on things. There have been other purchases: no great spectrum,
but at one end of the scale another iPad to make catching up
easier for both of us, and then at the other the convertible
which again today left all travellers lagging behind and perhaps
calling me an ass. Well, it was my ass they were watching disappear
at speed, and that’s another kind of illumination in this relative
scheme of buying and easing the chore of still being here as well as
having some kind of fun. Not sure how Einstein would theorise
this instinct and spontaneous workings: more things equal better
things, as long as you don’t equate too much in the correlation.
What surprises me is how long it takes to connect one improvement
with another, not yet convinced about the simplicity of acquiring,
nor quite resigned to how going so fast could be our expiration.


  1. '...the chore of still being here.'

    A little bleak, perhaps?

    1. Yes. 'Poetic licence' includes exaggeration for effect, though exaggeration rooted in the reality. There is, I hope, the obvious contrast with the 'buying of things' to suggest there is a playfulness as well as a true expression of feeling. But yes, a little bleak. Are you always on cloud 9? Lofty place to reside, and you are very lucky if it is so.