Thursday, 29 January 2015

Chris Smither - Happier Blue, album review

Always Superb

Currently listening to this superb Smither album - well, they all are - from 1993. It is dominated by his trademark blues inclinations, and that includes his great guitar playing and foot tapping, but it is also a little different to his usual fare with a number of orchestrations, most prettily with the violin accompaniment and playing of Robin Batteau, and also the saxophone contributions from Bob Gay. I have written before of Smither's first two and early albums which were very much in the folk vein, and featuring a beautiful warble in his vocal, a vocal subsequently and contemporaryly renown for its deep texture. As a particular fan of that 70s phase, I do warm to seventh track on this album, the Rollie Salley song Killin' the Blues in which Smither resurrects, to a degree, that warbling voice. Distinctive bass playing on this track too by Mark Egan.

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