Friday, 16 January 2015

Joy - Under the Spell of Joy, album review

Homage to Jamming

A San Diego trio spawned from the throbbing ampage sperm of Blue Cheer, the band play loud and louder heavy psyche to assail and, well, ass-whip musically. The doubled-up guitar work on the recording of second Miles Away reminds of Blue Cheer al la New! Improved! and it is a thrilling echo. Third Confusion does also invoke Hendrix, but it is more heavy garage than this overall. The one slower track is Death Hymn Blues with its distorted vocals and acoustic guitar with flute homage to the same era but more an early Pink Floyd sense of crafting. Closer Back to the Sun is more wonderful wow-wow whipping. Lewis Carroll wasn’t entirely correct: this is jamming yesterday, and jamming today.

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