Monday, 19 January 2015

Hayseed Dixie - Hair Down To My Grass, album review

Hoot Not Hoedown

A novelty idea when they first hit the music scene whenever that was, and fun enough still though I think there are many more in a similar vein with their rockgrass interpretations, and indeed the whole expanding genre of musical pastiche and transformations. In many ways the rock versions here are not bluegrass-spun enough for me and are instead slightly-skewed-grass alternatives [Livin' On A Prayer a good example]. I wanted Comfortably Numb to be outrageous, but it's quite a pretty rendition with a lightly whirling fiddle in the background. The mandolin break is well played, but it is just a mandolin break. There is one vocal shriek.

Perhaps the grass instead of ass 'joke' is an indication of a softening approach? Play for some background fun, but don't expect paroxysms of uncontrollable bodily hoedowning, though seeing live I'd imagine is a hoot.

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