Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bersarin Quartett - III, album review

Miming Melancholy

I could attempt an empathetic descriptive narrative to review this album, a mimeses of language to convey its ambient layers of repeated sounds. But I am too chilled – listening – to attempt the echoing.

This isn’t what I usually listen to, but tempted by a reference, somewhere, to its melancholia, I found to give it a try, liking of late music that is instrumental and designed to sooth and salve, though that does make it sound more necessary than the primary experience of its relaxing and therefore untaxing offering of soundscapes. 

These are electronic orchestrations by Thomas B├╝cker and others, the third in a sequence though I am not saying they are intentionally linked, but this one is certainly intentionally calming. The only time when that meditative effect is affected is when there are sudden stops [purposeful musical hiatuses] as in second Staub Und Stern, or elongated electrical pulses as in fourth Bedingungslos which can also convey a darker mood. Otherwise, this is the mimetic music of waves rolling onto a shore. 

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