Sunday, 3 January 2016

Milk Lines - Ceramic, album review

Psyche Jungle

‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’ isn’t quite it, but Milk Lines is a husband and wife duo, and indicative song Pellucidar is the place of a fantasy story written by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. This song exemplifies the psyche-pop of the whole, with tight harmonies that are very slightly off-kilter at times to suggest an element of lo-fi naturalness.

There is fuzz in the similar third Golden Torpedo where the vocals are again closely intertwined though raw, and the guitar soloing is garage fresh as well. Lucille continues the effective simplicity, and next Suicide Note has a wonderfully ironic, upbeat Country tinge to its delivery. Purgatory extends the titling of the dark whilst usurping with the opposite in delivery, here a horse-whining guitar effect and psyche-reverb on the rhythm guitar creating just enough weirdness to engage.

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