Friday, 15 January 2016

Snowy Dunes - Snowy Dunes, album review

More of the Berg

Snowy Dunes from Stockholm do play a music that drifts psychedelically within and across tracks, as with opener Tranquil Mountain Lake and into second Dawn, the roaming riffs dusted with meandering, spacey vocals and guitar. Third Turn Around begins with a dominant riff immediately repeated with wah-wah, and then the vocal takes over with its emotive tensions, another song rolling on with gusts of energy to settle in psyched-out spaces. Fourth Watch Out For Snakes begins as a blues dirge - harmonica and distant, hollowed vocal – when the Sabbath-esque riff [a stated influence] kicks in. These are more from the depths of the great acidberg I mentioned in my previous posting, Snowy Dunes playing a particularly effective lysergic atmospherics.

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