Monday, 8 August 2016

Blues Pills - Lady in Gold, album review

Powerful Medicine

Blues Pills’ second studio album delivers more of the hard rock that harks back but has a fresh feel in its powerhouse vocalist Elin Larsson, where the opening title track has her belting out in soulful force, psychedelic vibrating guitar echoing its era, and a backing chorus propelling the rolling song forward, piano pounding in the back too, drums thumping and reminding just a very little of Heavy Jelly. Next Little Boy Preacher continues the pace and pounding, Larsson’s voice the immediate rousing template, more soulful hints in another chorus-heavy backdrop. Third Burned Out starts and builds more slowly, bass turning over within the broader expanse of guitar work, when the song begins in earnest along an undulating riff, Larsson again majestic, and also again a burgeoning chorus in attendance. Fourth I Felt a Change provides that other requisite, a more balladic number showcasing Larsson in her soloing glory. And this is the album’s forward motion, driven by Elin’s always powerful vocal. Seventh You Gotta Try is more in the riff range of retro; eighth Won’t Go Back thumps and pounds and vibrates, and final Elements and Things rounds aptly on lyric can you hear the thunder, and as we have we affirm with great liking.

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