Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Samantha Fish - Wild Heart, album review

Firmly Planted

Guitarist and vocalist Samantha Fish fires up the blues and country stubble in this field of familiar but impeccably ploughed musical furrows.

As in grooves.

Opener Road Runner deceives a little with its Country tinge, but the guitar breaks are rock solid. There are more balladic numbers – and these are fine as Fish sings it true fast or slow – but it is the power that most impresses. And we get this in Highways Holding Me with its classic rock riff; the thudding Turn It Up; a pounding Show Me; a rousing Wild Heart [though as title track this is not the barnstormer one might have expected, keeping the agricultural allusion….], and a lyrically assertive vehicle for more oomph in Bitch on the Run, the penultimate track.

Last track I’m in Love With You demonstrates her impressive range as she swings sweetly if suggestively in an acoustic closer. Like a field of corn blowing softly in a summer wind.

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