Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mountain Dust - Nine Years, album review

Raising a Storm

A classy debut full album from Montreal band Mountain Dust, empathetic rivals to nearest echoing musical touchstone Rival Sons, this mainly in the strong vocals [other informing echo from The Doors on great closer Nine Years]. Less riff to rock in the Heavy balance, all seven tracks pound and persuade with a thundering core and fine layers of guitar, a slithering slide on longest track at nine minutes Dead Queen, here some vestige of Metal too. This is a first listen so I’m not tuned fully into the detail, but definitely enjoying and impressed. Sixth Lonely War is an acoustic number, swelled with Beatles-esque cello backdrop and Simon and Garfunkel sweet harmonies until breaking into the dynamic vocal swagger that notifies the whole – then trumpet interlude too. This suggests a deeper well to perhaps draw from in future recordings, not that this is to diminish the contents here but suggest future fare. Highly recommended and can be found here.

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