Saturday, 14 April 2018

Beth Hart - Front And Center Live From New York

Judgement and Opinion

Is Beth Hart the greatest female singer out there today? Well, that's down to personal judgement and opinion, and there's always someone who will disagree.

And there's no need to make the finite assessment anyway - I'm just asking this question because at the very least it can apply. Considering her other recent release Black Coffee with Jo Bonamassa coupled to this marvelous live recording, the case in favour is convincingly made. Front and Center without JB places Hart's vocal precisely as the title tells us, and it is dynamite with the most exquisite natural trill and tone. Powerful as well as beautiful.

Every track is superb, the personal confession of Isolation an emotive rendition; this followed by the blues brilliance of Tell Her You Belong to Me, song-structure rises that hit peaks of vocal thrill.

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