Saturday, 28 April 2018

Eric And Ulrika Bibb - Pray Sing Love, album review

No Translation Required

There isn't much out there on this new album, in English, though this following translation from one Swedish review does demonstrate the inherent problem with a computerised conversion: It is a very beautiful and silent album where the married couple's voices also marry each other and with the ten songs Eric wrote.  Eric and his Swedish wife Ulrika nonetheless require no translation when it comes to hearing the simple, peaceful [I think this is where the word 'silent' was prompted] beauty of all these tracks, some sung solo, respectively, and others together. It is remarkably gentle throughout which may not appeal to all, but then if you fancy something heavier, listen to something heavier.

It sounds very much like a labour of love celebrating love and for that reason alone I will give it the pass from private sentimentality to an acceptable sharing. Dive Deep is an early favourite, and I do like the harmonica close, brief as it is, to Between Young and Old and its reappearance in following track You Were Made for Me. Ulrika is gospel-cool on Show Me the Way, the strings layering just enough spiritual tone to complement effectively, though it is a near thing to overstating.

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