Thursday, 19 April 2018

Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain, album review

Pragmatism and Joy

The gospel infused opener May Your Kindness Remain with tremulous-doom guitar work signals a continuance of the excellence of Andrews’ vocal as well as a more fulsome production on songs with this release. Second Lift the Lonely from My Heart moves to a Country al la Ronstadt sound, the tonal resonance of Andrews’ singing penetrating with such force and clarity, the organ layer a constant background sound.

Third Two Cold Nights in Buffalo sustains the elements – organ such a presence too – but what strikes is that vocal sharpness, an ability to pierce poignantly without any hint of the shrill, this a more upbeat countryrock tempo. You find the beauty in simple things she sings in Rough Around the Edges and a piano plonks a bluesy bar-room beat as other lyrics suggest a daily ennui but hope in the enduring, the beauty of voice probably the most obvious indication of breaking out from the drudge. Border funks out some shifting pace, guitar wail holding the atmosphere, great pumped organ solo.

Took You Up references karaoke and television dinners and making love on a laundry cart and the enduring point/power of love – ain’t got much but we got each other – so a continuing theme, Andrews soaring among it all. A guitar haunts once more. I’ve Hurt Worse might as title sum up the philosophy of the whole.

An album of songs lyrically seeped in the pragmatic acceptance of the everyday, ironically transcending this in the beauty of Courtney Marie Andrews’ singing. A joy to listen to.

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