Sunday, 5 February 2012


Slash [with Myles Kennedy], Sweet Child O' Mine, acoustic version

Tonight is the first time I have listened to Nicky Horne's Amps Off programme on Planet Rock and the acoustic selections are superb: Neil Young; Crosby, Stills and Nash; John Martyn; Roy Harper; Joni Mitchell and so on. Right up my nostalgia.

It was also an appropriate discovery because I was napping [as I have posted about before] in preparation for staying up to watch tonight's NFL Superbowl. When I finish typing this post, I will be making my requisite monster meat pizza. The ice is in abundance and friend Jack has been hanging around ready to join me later. The 'appropriateness' of discovering this programme by chance is that in the early days of Channel 4 showing the Superbowl over here on TV, Nicky Horne was the presenter.

Back to the music, I was woken - before I wanted, to be honest - by Slash's acoustic version of Sweet Child O' Mine with Myles Kennedy. I hadn't heard this version before and had no idea who it was so had no prejudices/preconceptions or any other aural baggage. I thought the vocal was knock-out. There you go.

Amongst the classics I have already noted, I did like also the following two acoustic numbers: The Answer Nowhere Freeway, and Black Stone Cherry Lonely Train. This is a programme I will be listening to again.


  1. Might give that programme a try. Sounds like a great selection. What's the frequency and what time is it on?

  2. Ha ha! Strangely enough I nearly added the "Kenneth " myself. Is that great minds thinking alike or just very sad!?!