Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Things You Build

The things you build as a father - trying your best - many
or most must come to an end, and today is the day for the
second and good rabbit run. The first did not keep that
killer dog out which bit and punctured her bunny’s lung
[yet there is a place that can last, where they are all
eventually buried and a sentimental rose bush planted
above].  But this better protection and home that housed
her others and last one - then ours - has taken minutes to
pull from the ivy and overgrown grass, its wood rotted
and the armadillidiums spilling out from their residence.
All but that main post concreted in to secure the gate and
provide its central support, a pillar bolstered further with
broken brick and stone, whatever I could muster to help
and hold. It was set solid, though also tested and old.


  1. Errrr... But where will Pablo live when he moves to Devon?