Monday, 3 March 2014

Wishbone Ash - Blue Horizon

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Already out on iTunes and with the full release tomorrow, here's a snapshot review of Wishbone Ash's latest:

Take It Back – beautiful, I mean beautiful west coast harmony, dual guitar a la the Ash, this is what they have always done perfectly. They must have known when this was written it was another one of their many 'classics'.
Deep Blues – boogie blues, call it aptly ZZ Ash
Strange How Things Come Back Around – another nod to the harmonious, sweet pop la-la-la-las, a funky rhythm guitar riff
Being One – guitar and drum rhythmic pulsing, with jazzier/progish soloing, harmony balladry
Way Down South – pop pop
Tally Ho! – [worried before I listen] but sweetish west coast soaring again, clever guitar-and-bass licks
Mary Jane – great rock-stomp opening, this chugs along just fine
American Century – rockprog opening – fine guitar – would have been superb to continue as instrumental, whereas song with female chorus is complexity over memorable melody
Blue Horizon – title track, there’s that distinctive guitar intro again, a little ponderous as song [meaningful lyrics] though the chorus is anthemic enough, and guitar soloing is superb
All There Is To Say – folk lilt throughout which segues in and out of progish interludes, rather clichéd lyrics but perhaps in tune with the spirit of that folk packaging: close harmonies again and rousing musical guitar moments, naturally.

3.5 out of 5 if I was totally objective, but Take It Back is so damn good I’ll settle for 4 and happily recommend on that track alone. Love this song. 


  1. What a surprise this is on its way - great! One day bands like this may not be around. Soon to come, new ones from Magnum, Asia, I.Q. and Ian Anderson...what a classic year! Uriah Heep too I think....

    1. Yes, and as I approach my imminent 60th it's good to see the old guys still rockin'! Thanks for stopping by - enjoy the Ash and others.