Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rival Sons - Hollow Bones, album review

Bones Full of Rock

This fifth album by Southern California band Rival Sons is informed most by the superlative rock vocal of Jay Buchanan and the jagged guitar riffs of Scott Holiday, consummate old-school rock with occasional and signature soaring vocal choruses as well as more contemporary effects as on opener Hollow Bones Pt 1 where the electronic scratches scorch across the ending, competing with the Buchanan yell. And riffs are rife as on second Tied Up, a creepy edge included. Buchanan’s chops are generally chomping on rock’s gristle, for example sequel Hollow Bones Pt 2, though it gets heightened emotive injections in sixth Fade Out, and in the genuinely exquisite closing ballad All That I Want, reminding a little of Josh T Pearson in the songwriting.

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