Monday, 22 August 2016

Rachel Drew & The Bitter Roots - Under The Sun, album review


What a strange world is the Music one: so much talent/so much that isn’t; so much that is popular which probably doesn’t deserve to be/so much that is unheard which most definitely should be – and all of this [OK just two obvious dichotomies, but they embrace the significant largeness] decided by the yin yang of personal preference. Some might find this opening salvo of interest; some platitudinous.

Here’s an album with fine songwriting and even finer singing from Rachel Drew with her band the Bitter Roots. It has a country/Americana leaning to which I give it this naming prop, but overall the slower numbers stand out because they showcase the voice, though the uncluttered musical accompaniments are themselves good lessons in restraint.

And the relevance of this album to the opening observation? At the risk of sounding disparaging – but rather trying to establish my point – I don’t believe Drew and her band are that well known, but the real giveaway [pun alert] is the fact that this album is available for free.

That’s a generous offer for good music. It is all about getting established I guess, so I am happy to genuinely promote for both the spirit of its ease of acquisition as well as pleasing ease of enjoying. You don’t need to decide about or even engage in the arguing posited at the start, but I’d bet all I had to spend on this album that you’ll veer to hearing it as residing on the worthy side of the dividing lines.

Get it here [the Noisetrade link].

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