Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Quintessence - Spirits from Another Time 1969-1971, album review

The Most Perfect

There isn't much to say about this collection of alternative versions and live tracks other than how it continues to swell my nostalgic love for Quintessence, previously articulated by me here across a number of their albums/releases.

For a detailed account of the discoveries and performances on this compilation, released in May, I would recommend this illuminating and informed review, and especially the notes on each track, at The Afterword [with thanks for Colin H's insight].

I loved seeing this band live in the 70s, especially at a number of free concerts, and listening to this album the music/musicianship clearly survives brilliantly. My favourite members in a genuinely all-star collective were and always will be vocalist Phil 'Shiva' Jones and guitarist Allan Mostert, and there are stunning examples of both performing in this collection.

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