Sunday, 4 June 2017

Michael Chapman - The Globe, Topsham, 3rd June, 2017

Still a Breath of Fresh Air

Michael Chapman delivered a superb guitar and songwriting masterclass at The Globe in Topsham last night.

I have enjoyed his latest album 50, and have over the years dipped in and out of his others [though never as attentively as I now want to return to and do], the occasional listens prompted by my introduction to him and his song Postcards of Scarborough on the 1970 Harvest sampler lp Picnic – A Breath of Fresh Air.

He didn’t play this last night – a shame for my nostalgia needs – but he entertained with some sustained guitar brilliance, a well-rehearsed line in Yorkshire semi-redneck repartee, and two songs in particular that were simply beautiful, The Mallard and Caddo Lake, this latter a most gorgeous finger-plucked melody.

Thanks to Chapman for coming to Topsham, and for Julian Piper who organised.

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