Wednesday, 3 October 2018

ODi - Something Missing, EP review

Nothing Missing Musically

The title track from this EP release is a bluesy, electric gem, Claire Odlum in a smouldering vocal that belies the usual sweeter [a relative term] folkish voice – indeed there seems to be a fine-wine maturity from previous, honed by experience and touring since I last saw and listened.

Dave Redfearn provides the hint only of harmony here, though in the following three, ODi’s signature harmonising excellence is evident – this immediate on second track Set a Prayer, which as a live and acoustic track captures them as I fondly recall and have written about previously here. This is an assured performing, and a simple but affecting song.

Third The Escape Artist has more sweet and tight harmonising, sustained across the rise and fall of its melody, a finger-picked guitar all of the underpin needed for such fine singing and songcraft. Closer Don’t Drag Your Heels is a ‘demo’ but again for me retains that welcome simplicity of stripped-back performance, the guitar work excellent and the harmonising on its chorus quite beautiful.

Other contributions on this EP are from Sean O'Leary, Mike Odlum and Andy Hawkins, and as a taster of what is to come, I am looking forward. You can get here, and I do recommend.

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