Saturday, 16 February 2019

David Bowie - The Dream Anthology 1966 1968


Enjoying this recent compilation, listening as I write, [itself a shortened version of the 1997 Deram one – note the ‘joke’], more novelty than anything else, though incipient musical roots so clear at times, especially in the clarity of Bowie’s distinctive vocals – so utterly twee English in these early 60s tunes: ‘while a little chappie’…!

Many are familiar, many are new to me. The pop narratives are redolent of their times, seemingly homespun – Uncle Arthur – but also teeming with comic eccentricity at times. Sell Me a Coat has a folk-esque sweetness to it, the orchestration of horns again so much an echo of the time. But the vocal is as it would be throughout his career.

Rubber Band
There's a rubber band that plays tunes out of tune
In the library garden Sunday afternoon
While a little chappie waves a golden wand

Rubber Band
In 1910 I was so handsome and so strong
My moustache was stiffly waxed and one foot long
And I loved a girl while you played teatime tunes

Dear Rubber Band, you're playing my tune out of tune, oh

Rubber Band
Won't you play your haunting theme again to me?
While I eat my scones and drink my cup of tea
The sun is warm but it's a lonely afternoon

Oh, play that theme

Rubber Band
How I wish that I could join your Rubber Band
We could play in library parks throughout the land
And one Sunday afternoon, I'd find my love

Rubber Band
In the '14-'18 war I went to sea
Thought my Sunday love was waiting home for me
And now she's married to the leader of the band, oh

Oh sob... I hope you break your baton

Songwriter: David Bowie
Rubber Band lyrics © Emi Al Gallico Music

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