Monday, 29 April 2019

Kelly Finnigan - The Tales People Tell, album review

Whatever, It's Soul

Kelly Finnigan, lead singer with soul-infused group Monophonics [reviews here], goes solo soul-infusion on this album simply oozing its traditional tropes. Fitting into the nu-soul/retro-soul [whatever version…] revival where with other similar individual artists/bands I find myself stressing the original sounds of their old sounds in trying to give credit where credit is due, but to be honest these are sublime facsimiles of a broad spectrum of classic soul music we have all heard before but revel in hearing again. On this album I hear so many touchstones/echoes/familiars [whatever synonym…] that I haven’t the in-depth nous to make exact reference but I hear them all the same. And as ever – though I’m not going to try and mention names – these repetitions are compliments to the originals and to, in this case, Finnigan for being able to deliver/redeliver [whatever…] these. He sings with gritty soul and falsetto soul and ensemble soul and gospel soul [penultimate track Freedom a glorious female chorus with some gospel ensemble] emotive soul and funk soul.

I’m on the second and with some tracks third plays and it is all so soul cool. Sweet soul. Soul soul. Whatever.

Listen then get it here.

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