Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dire Wolves - Grow Towards the Light, album review

Psychedelic Lineage of the Musical Cosmos

I haven’t got much time to write how much I really do like this, and it seems to be riding a cosmic psychedelia lineage from anything previous that has a vocal mantra/chant running through songs, and then instrumentation that takes dissonance, occasionally, as evocative; effects like repeat on a saxophone as well as reverb/fuzz/wah-wah on guitar; piano bursts or twinkles; electronic gadgetry sounds; violin surges and swerves and sausages [I threw that in to linguistically mirror some of the playfulness], and a vocal that hypnotically intones sounds, or as described on the band’s Bandcamp site here, is ‘the mystical Georgia Carbone, singing in her own invented language’ so I don’t think it gets any more likeably far-out than that.

I would have dropped loads of things to listen to this years ago but today I have metaphorically dropped the marking pen – I am actually examining online – to listen to and write this as I have enjoyed the brief trip so much. You can get it at their Bandcamp page.

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