Friday, 14 September 2012

ZZ Top - La Futura


Produced by Rick Rubins and Billy Gibbons, this 15th studio album is as down-dirty delightful as it could be - yessa, yessa - with opening radio-hot track I Gotsta Get Paid a heavily gritty re-working of the original hip-hop song and in its transformation emblazoning the ZZ stamp as a thundering template for all that follows, and thus the seamless dark dredge into the third track, groaner Consumption. Even blues ballad Over You is growled in a beautiful slow sludge of romanticism. It is a thick rough syrup of sound in Gibbon's natural vocal distortion. It all sucks you in with familiar stabs of guitar noise and everything else that makes this rockblues so distinct, now matured to a stonking rawness. Closer Have a Little Mercy drags that raw ass at zimmer-frame pace, but its snarling sonic grumpiness grins the warm smile of dentures held in place with barbed wire.

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