Thursday, 21 March 2013

Purson - Leaning on a Bear


I ordered my limited edition vinyl copy of this single yesterday – sadly missing out on the green or purple versions – and am looking forward to the release of their debut album The Circle and the Blue Door on the 29th April, hoping to get a special vinyl of that, here.

New to a new generation of psychedelic freaks, Purson is so steeped in 70s psychedelic/prog rock as if teleported to the present from Curved Air’s musical consciousness of their heyday, though the reference is much more simply, and plausibly, the uncanny resemblance of singer Rosalie Cunningham’s vocal to Sonja Kristina’s. Less classical and rock in the band’s overall sound [able to hear a variety online], that distinctive vocal is underpinned by a prog rock base [elements of Nice and Affinity] – a sound the band terms vaudeville carny psych. Absolutely brilliant for nostalgic listeners like myself, even if I don’t understand their description.

Purson has been performing with fellow psychedelic exponents Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats who I have also been listening to and will review. Exciting times. 

The single can be heard here.

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